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Visiting other times and worlds has not been so much fun

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This is for a new story that is free form with many open facets that run across a full spectrum of diverse themes. All chapter entries for this story will be listed as SWSTV.

The year is least according to the Escelonian calendar. It's really furthur along than that, considering this just goes back to the recorded founding of Escelon and it's sister planets, Guya and Prog, after many years of war and colonizing disputes.
All of the colonists were human, but the high radiation, severe atmosphere, and other natural phenomena on each planet changed the physiology of the colonists, making them different from what they originally were and from one another.
Esceleon, the self proposed Capitol planet, is the seat of the governing body of the three core planet system, and it's military center. Esceleonians are notied for their military single mindedness and straight forward task driven mentality. Some have even developed abilities allowing them to further that endevor for order by actually biologically linking up with computer systems. A psionic ability that allows one to speak to computers and software of various types. These people are called Technoids.
The military is called Hammer, which was formally Dagger, until after the Great Disaster that left the planet in a devastated state after an invasion by beings from another universe tried to destroy and the planet and its military so it can take over the resource rich union of planets. Hammer, currently, has more of a policing resposibility and works closely with The Guyaian Defense League, The Progian Navy and Starfleet, an offshot of surviving members from an alternate universe in which Earth and it's former United Federation Of Planets were destroyed by a being of massive power called Vortu. More on Starfleet and it's headquaters of Delta Station and Watchtower later.
Guya is the food supplier of the three planets. The largest of the three is coated entirely in lush rich forests and jungles and it's entire infrastructure is made to work with nature. Guyians have the ability to transform, much like werewolves and other shifters, into animals. Individuals from particular families transform into particular animals. Ie: if the patriarch of a family was a wolf, the descents will all be wolves. There is possibility of hybrid creatures being created, but this is rare. Most times the child either follows the traits of one or the other parent. Guyinians are the free love sorts, willing to experience and eximent with anything, especially sex, which they are very open to. There are many multiple marriages on Guya, consisting of multiple men and women.
Prog is the entertainment, fashion and media center of the three planets. Progians are artistic, honor bound and very in the know and popular in some form or another. Progians mostly seem to be descended from Asiatic cultures such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian and Russian. They have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, mostly due to the extreme cold of the planet. The planet is an Ice planet with most of the populated cities within habitat domes that moderate temperatures and weather. With hundreds of museums, galleries, studios and other amusements, Prog is the culturally richest planet out of the three.
Within the last couple of decades, a few other planets have joined as 'Associate Planets' to the tri senate union. Technia, Dominaria, Grixia, Eden, and a planet just derogitorially called The Moon, due to it's dry, cratered landscape.
Technia is a computer, silicon based planet that runs on a form of bioelectricty that connects its indigenous species to the planet and to one another, forming a cohesive system where even nature knows its purpose and place. Technia produces the foremost in electronics, outsupplying Esceleon by leaps and bounds. Most Technians are off worlders who have made a home on Technia because of the beautiful electric light sights that are produced naturally on the twilight laden planet.
Dominaria is a planet of Dragons, Wizards and other ancient mythological beings. It was once a system comprised of 5 separate planets, Serra, Tolaria, Urborg, Shiv and Argoth, but a planeswalker, a being of magical energy, reformed the planets into one giant planet. One of the moons of the planet was destroyed in the aftermath and a new, senient planet was found to take it's place. The planet Grixia, a beautiful night skied planet with an ancient gothic feel mixed with a highlighted nightlife that attracts many to come to enjoy it's clubs and casinos. Grixians are very nocturnal and are akin to vampires from Earthian lore. They are long lived and have multiple evolutions called Avatar forms as they get older, which make them more and more powerful as time passes.
The Moon is the backwater planet of the Verse. If it's illegal, covert, dangerous, it most likely came from or has a home on the Moon. Here, the mob is still alive, as well as the society of the old west, complete with a 1960s flair for it's casinos, bringing to mind old Vegas with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. This is in the Gold Ring. In the outer areas, its a post apocalyptic society with an Old West flare. Many on the Moon are off worlders who either are running from the law or prospectors who came to escape the hold of the Senate.

In all, all of this is just a very infintisimal part of this universe, nay, multiverse, that touches many facets of reality. From the universal planet named Riftworld to the Earth that contains the Wizarding World of Hogwarts, to the Earth that has Superman and Spiderman, to the Earth that hasn't evolved past the Middle Ages. All these are tied to one another due to a being called Vortu, who was set to destroy certain planets and realities to cause a multiversal collapse to destroy several godly individuals in one universe. He wanted for these individuals to cease all existance, by removing any and all traces of them across the multiverse for killing the woman he loved, who was a goddess Titan herself. He rampage left the veil between universes very weak, and therefore very transferable.
Vortu was stopped by the combined efforts of the Starships Ronin, the Starburst, the Eclipse, the Innovation, the Challenger, the Titan, the Goliath, and the Colony Ship Ascension.
As of this telling, it has been at least 20 years since Vortu's defeat and once again the planets of the Verse are ready to explore past their boundries. With Starfleet now being run by Admiral James T. Kirk, yes, that one, and Hammer Ops being run by Nathan Porter, former Senator of Esceleon, and Watchtower being run by Jonah Cross, aka Arthur Pendragon's clone, the focus is to find other worlds affected by Vortu's rampage and to give aid and perhaps make alliances, for who knows what other threats lurk in the dark of space.

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