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SWSTV- Chapter One- Getting to know........

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"Good day and welcome to the Tri-Verse's number one reality and celebrity biography show 'Getting to Know...' As always, I am you host Samura Aki. Today we will finally get an inside look at a crew that has made history, time and again, by saving our planets and protecting our way of life, even in some cases, bettering it. I am talking about the crew of the Starship Eclipse, lead by Captain Jerry Wolfe, former DJ, Senator of Guya, and Founder of the Valhalla Space Station. "
The camera pans to the interior of the ship after showing a space view of the Eclipse from Space Dock.
One the bridge, an athletically built man with wire glass, a vest, blue jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, lounged back in a couch like captain's chair large enough for two. He seemed to have a serious far off look with his chin resting on his fist and his elbow on his knee as he leaned forward. Off camera, his wife rolled her eyes at his mock display. She was Progian, with a Japanese look to her, and she looked at the Progian reporter as if to say, 'Seriously, he's messing with you...'
"Oh, sorry. I was just...plotting to course ahead." Jerry said with a well acted out surprise. He got up and shook hands with the reporter.
"It's understandable Captain Wolfe, or should I call you Senator still?"
"Jerry. Just Jerry is fine, really. Sit, sit." He guided her to one of the guest chairs that came up beside the captain's chair and swiveled his chair around to face her as she sat. "So, how's this go? You ask me about my past, my dreams, my regrets, all that stuff? Looking for inspiration?"
A snort of laughter came from off camera as his wife shook her head, hiding her face with her hand.
The reporter, Samura, looked back with her head camera floating along with her movements. "Ms. Wolfe?"
Kasumi Wolfe tried to straighten her smile and compose herself, but with one look at Jerry, still feigning seriousness, she bust out laughing. "Sorry. Don't mind me."
"Yea, till it's her turn. C'mon, back to me. " Jerry said with a friendly smile.
Kasi sat down in the communications officers chair but Samura had the camera still on her. "Actually, can I get the both of you, together?"
Jerry seemed to deflate only slightly, but pepped up again as she turned to him. "Sure. Kasi, hun.."
Kasi got up and went to the captian's couch, sitting beside her husband and taking his hand. His spirits seemed to brighten with the contact and Kasi nodded, this was a genuine emotion. "Interview Jerry first, really, he's been looking forward to this." She said.
Samura smiled a professional smile that Kasi read as she wasn't going to let that go. "You two seem so very close. How long have you been together?"
Jerry took a breath and looked at Kasi. Kasi looked up, calculating, though she knew well it was well over 50 years as a couple, and even longer as friends, but she was giving Jerry a chance to speak.
"Over 50 years. Even longer, if you count the fact we knew each other when we were just kids."
Pictures of Jerry and Kasi showed on screen from long ago. "Jerry Wolfe was a sickly child, the only son of Captain Jason Wolfe and Commander Natalie Reese. His ill was told to be dibilating by doctors and the medical community didn't give the Captain and his wife a good prediction or expectation of their son's future."
"My parent's were told that my breathing problems and immunity to disease issues will only worsen before I grew to my teenage years." Jerry said, he leaned back and took a breath, spreading his hands. "I proved them wrong."
A picture of Jerry showed a young boy skating on a board in the pro circuit. "And prove them wrong he did. Despite what doctor's said, Jerry wouldn't sit and wither away. He remained active, winning awards and trophies for professional hoverboarding. He would soon use his fame from that to start his DJ and music franchise."
A video showed a young thin Jerry with thick framed glasses and long hair in a ponytail, standing on a hover platform in a club, over a crowd of dancing people in one of Prog's most happening clubs. The music was thumping, and the lights were flashing, then the camera panned to another platform with a girl dressed as a oriental angel, in a mini robe that sparkled in the lights, dancing and singing, hovered across from his. "This was also when he first went into business with his best friend, now wife, Kasumi Izakawa."
Pictures of a chubby young girl in oversized clothes, glasses and always hiding in a hood or in a corner, came on the screen. "Kasumi Izakawa is the daughter of Progian Media mogul Yuri Izakawa and Dr. Kitana Habiki. The real truth was that for most of her life, she thought of her birth father as her uncle. The man who presented himself as her father was actually her mother's brother, Sanji Habiki, in order to protect the young girl from the dark secret of her lineage. Her father was one of the Dark Destroyer Dragons, a notorious Yukuza type mob, devoted to domination, control and power through fear and destruction.
Young Kasumi was sent to Guya in a world exchange program, allowing for her to learn from the schooling of another culture. Prog instituted this program to spread culture and learn from other cultures, hoping that those enriched by the experience would return and add to Prog's wealth of entertainment, arts, and the like.
She was sent to stay with Captain Wolfe and his family and her and the then 10 year old Jerry, fresh from a successful pro skating tour, met for the first time and became fast friends."
Pictures of Jerry and Kasi, reading, walking together, and her sitting on the sidelines watching his hoverboard went up on the screen, then faded to Kasi. "It was the most freedom had ever experienced at the time. My parents were very protective, overly so, considering the circumstances. It wasn't till I was with the Wolfes, did I really have fun as a kid."
"We were into the same things. I was like, here's a girl that actually understands me and she's into what I'm into and she's tough where I'm not. Awesome!" Jerry said with a smile.
Kasi laughed. "I was the fighter. Still am. Jerry was the talker. He could make friends with a wild Progian snowbeast if given the chance."
"And I would name him Snowflake." Jerry chimed in.
"No, we got enough pets and stuff. Stop." Kasi said, laughing.
Samura nodded at the couple. "So, how did those two young people, who outcasts, in a way, turned into what every boy and girl in the Verse want to be when they grow up?"
Kasi's eyes went wide. "Oh, please don't say that.."
Jerry smiled. "Really? Little ones wanna be like us?" His eyes gleamed and he smiled so brightly, Kasi could only sigh and smile in return. "Hard work, never saying never, a willingness to do what others say can't be done, and the drive to prove those naysayers wrong. That's what you need." Jerry said, if Kasi wasn't keeping him in the chair with her legs on his lap, he would've stood up to make the declaration more prominant.
Samura sirked and looked at Kasi. "Seriously, Kasumi, you went from an unknown daughter of an influential family to a pop singer and costume and fashion diva with your own clothing line and a model for your clothing line. How did you do it?"
Kasi sighed and leaned on Jerry. "What can I say? Jerry was motivational even back then. He pushed me when others ignored me. He told me not to let myself get bullied or treated less than what I was. He pushed me into dance. I always like watching it and mimicing the movements, but never dove straight into it like he did with so many things. I would push him, cause he was talented, but I never saw myself as talented. He saw it and saw what I could be. And, he brought that Kasumi out. I'm her." Kasi closed her eyes and just took in a breath with a slight tight shrug.
Pictures of Kasi and Jerry when they were older, in their 20s, popped up. A video showed Kasi on a float at the Esceleon Founding Day parade. She was special guest Parade marshal. "This was the year you and Jerry made history, right? Shortly after this parade?"
Kasi looked at Jerry. "This is your story. I was pulled along for the ride because of what happened to our apartment."
Samura looked at Jerry. "Apartment?"
Jerry spread his hands. "Kas and I were roommates. And believe me, it was hard to just be that after she became all hot and famous and stuff. But yea, our apartment was blown up by Dagger operatives who thought we were criminals."
Samura leaned back, her eyes lightened as she tasted a story about to form.

"Thank you for returning after break. We are here with Captain Jerry Wolfe and his wife, Kasumi Wolfe. We have just learned, before commercial break, that the Wolfes, back then not married, were thought of as criminals by Dagger, the former Esceleonian military before it was replaced by Hammer. Captain Wolfe, why would Dagger see a hoverboarding DJ and a fashionista singing cosplayer as a threat?"
"Good Question." Kasi muttered.
Jerry let out a short laugh. "Welllllll....."
He looked up innocently. "I was a hacker and my talents were needed. But knowing I would never go along with them, after they dismissed my father and refused to locate his killers, they had to find some way to get me to go with them. Only, I wasn't home at the time."
Kasi nodded. "He was with Cougar."
Pictures of Cougar Garcia went up on the screen. "Caugar Garcia, son of Gato Garcia, former first officer to Jason Wolfe, and Hernietta Almos, was always a kid in trouble. Quiet, mild manner, yet always in the midst of trouble, Cougar was a known member of a mercenary unit called The Losers. He was also trained by his father, who was an accomplished weapons master and sniper."
"How did you and Cougar become friends?" Samura asked.
Jerry smikred. "Coug, how did we become friends?"
The camera panned over to Cougar who sat at his post at weapons. His goatee and long hair hidden within the shadows of his large rimmed stetson hat. Cougar looked up and just shrugged.
The camera panned back. "He doesn't talk much." Jerry said with a smirk. "I dunno, it happened in high school. Here was a cool guy who didn't have to say a word to get the ladies. He was just cool like that."
The camera panned back to Cougar who was rolling up a blunt. He looked up and quickly swept it back under the table, looking at the camera. Then he shrugged and gave the camera a chin up response.
"I see." Samura asked.
"So, anyway, we got blown into a whole rollercoaster ride of stuff with Cougar's old crew, who I had done some work with on computers in the past." Jerry said, taking the focus back. "This lead to us running across Monkey....." Jerry paused. "Monkey was a problem..."
"Ah, yes. We do recall the infamous Guyinain terrorist who had robbed a bank-"
"Actually," Kasi raised her hand, "That wasn't him. It was one of his brothers. And they were all being manipulated by Dr. Bower, who,, himslef was manipulated by former President Yuri, my uncle. It was convoluted. Needless to say, we stopped an invasion of way too many super powered people who would've had us as a slave race had they succeeded in their assualt."
"And, we found my father's killer, cleared his name, recommisioned his ship, and got major kudos for saving the Verse." Jerry chimed in.
"You have both gleamed over many of the other situations. Cougar's old crew, for instance. Silver Hammond was a notorious smugglar. Millie Velazquez was a gun runner. Goldie Hendricks was their getaway piolet. Cooper Ashton was a man you found missing in action on board a frieghter. 'V' Veronica Vesta, was just a second string medic whom no one could work with due to her people issues. Goldstein whom you found on a robotic planet and invited into your crew." Samura continued on, with Jerry taking it all in stride, a smirk on his face and Kasi just took in a breath and looked at her husband. "In all, Captain Wolfe, you and your crew may have saved us, but at the cost of our former way of life. You opened us up to the rest of the galaxy in a way, we can not go back to what we were for fear we may be over run by the various beings now knowing of our existance."
Kasi leaned forward before Jerry could speak. "Now, hold on a sec, Samura. Are you blaming US for what's gone down, that we've SAVED this Verse from?? Cause it sure sounds an awful lot like that."
Samura folded her arms and sat back. "Yes. As many of our viewers have as well. Many ask the question, if the Eclipse hadn't pushed beyond our territories, the superhuman invasion aside, we're talking about the Esceleon attack by the notorious Imperial Borg, or Vortu, would we have been even thought of as a threat to eliminate?"
Kasi shook her head. "Seriously? Well, I'll tell you this, if it wasn't for us, these planets wouldn't even know there were others out there. We would've been caught unaware several times over by threats we took care of that these planets never had to worry about, before they came around our way. We were the vanguards. We were the protectors. You should be ashamed for even ASKING that! You, of all people, who asked me if I could help them get out of an internship leading nowhere, and out on the field. The nerve!"
Jerry grabbed Kasi by the shoulders and sat her back. "Easy, tiger. I had this."
"No! Fuck that! Saying Vortu, FUCKING Vortu was our fault?! The Imperial Borg?????! Did anyone forget we were fucking tortured on that ship???! Made to fucking watch each other get tortured???!! Fuck you Samura! We're done!" Kasi got up and stormed off the bridge.
Goldie, the helmsmen, clapped and smirked. "I'm with Kasi. Bitch, you got a problem." She too stood up and walked out.
Jerry sighed as Couger gave a low whistle.
Samura's face seemed a bit flushed as she blinked and tried to regain herself. " was an opinion..."
"That you seemed to share. I can't blame Kas for feeling hurt." Jerry said, then he lifted his hand to stop her objection. "Ut...wait... I feel hurt myself, but y'know what, sitting from the outside looking in, I would feel the same way. It was all peaches and creme back when I was just a DJ and Kas was just a singer and cosplayer. But, events occured that brought us out of our comfort zone and tested us to see what we had, if we could survive despite the obstacles, and we did. We all did. Everyone on every planet in the Union did. Each time, the adversity changed us to be stronger. And I applaude it and say we can weather mot any storm. We've proved it. We put aside our differences and no one sees people as 'Oh she's Progian, oh he's Guyinian, oh they live on Esceleon', we are a united Verse now. We've grown up. We've made friends that only help to enrich us more. We've even made friends and lasting alliances with former enemies and helped protect our piece of the galaxy side by side with them. So, when you say people out there, the veiwing audience feel it's this crews fault, which it's my fault since I'm the commanding officer of this vessel," he looked at the camera and gave an apologetic yet accepting face, "I say, guilty as charged. I helped make us stronger. And I'm DAMN PROUD of it. And, Samura, sweetie, you can quote me on that." He stoood up and fixed his vest. "Now, I have my very angry wife to console." He shook Samura's hand and walked toward the doors. Then he stopped and turned. "If you want to speak with the rest of the crew, you're free too. But...they're also free to tell you no." He gave her a slight salute and headed off the bridge, leaving Samura flushed and concerned for her fragile job position.
"Samura? You're on...." the cameraman whispered over the small mic in her ear.
Samura blinked and looked at her camera. "When we return..we will try to get some interveiws with the rest of the Eclipse crew."

Kasi paced back and forth in her room when Jerry found her a bit later. "The fuckin' nerve! She's done! I'm firing her ass!"
Jerry leaned against the door after it swooshed closed behind him. "Now, do you think that'll solve anything?"
"It'll make me feel better." Kasi quickly answered. "The bitch left?"
Jerry brought his arms over her and hugged her to him, taking in a breath to take in her natural fruity scent. He loved how his wife always smelled good enough to eat. "Noooo..she didn't, at least I don't think she did. I ended my interview with her after she tried to compose herself when you let her have it."
"Why would she still be here?" Kasi asked, pulling up from him to look him in the eye.
"Just in case one of the others wanted to say something on their behalf. Like you did."
"Did you?" Kasi tilted her head.
"Hellz yes!" He said with a smile. "And I'll do it again to anyone who hurts my baby's feelings."
She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder.


James T. Kirk

It's been 2 years since he had escaped the Nexus thanks to the help of a group of young people who claimed to be part of a starfleet that he'd never heard of.
Hammer. That's the name they told him. The ship's name was The Starburst. Her captain was a girl that looked like she was just 20 years old but claimed to be in her 60s. She told him that his universe...his entire universe...was destroyed and that her in desperate need of help or they will be next. Of course, he had to heed the call. He'd heeded the call with Jean-Luc and ended up....leaving, but quickly returning into the Nexus. This heeding was different. He helped lead this new fleet against a threat he never could've imagined before. A universe destroyer.
As a reward, he was given a chance to do it all...everything, his entire life, all over again, only, there was a twist. Some things were different. He didn't care, though, it was a chance to be back with his family, and to be back....home. On board the Enterprise.

"Captain's Personal Log; Stardate 51182.2.
I find myself, enroute, to Epsilon Delta, again. A lot of agains, and it's a little hard not to look at everyone with the look of 'What? We've done this before...haven't we?'
I think Bones knows, though, and I'm pretty sure Spock has a feeling, though he won't show it. He'll wait till I just let it slip.
Then there's...Carol. She's here. On the Enterprise. The price...a past I've lost. My father, dead. My brother, missing. A criminal record. A mentor, dead. And Khan...still alive, asleep in cryo in some Starfleet Warehouse of Horrors.
I remember how everything was before. I remember David. I remember Khitomer. I remember V'Ger, The Probe, The Nexus... and I'm still just relearning everything here.
My family...has changed. I've gotten lost, yes, lost on this ship, several times. There's a little green alien, who's race I haven't even met yet in my own timeline, that's always beside Scotty. Spock and Uhura...
Then there's this face in the mirror. It's me, but...not me. That's what scares me. Straight to my core.
In the ship's records I read something...minimal, that I almost passed over, as I was trying to familiarize myself of the missions this crew and ship had and what they'd done differently from the original crew. There's an older Spock. Could it be my Spock? If I saw him, would he know it's me in here and not the young cocky ex-con that this Jim Kirk was? I don't know. But I intend to find out soon.
End Recording. Add cipher key and code. Lock and file to personal folder."
'Personal log coded and filed.'
Jim let out a breath and fell back into his chair, looking out at the view he'd never had in his personal quarters on his original Enterprise. A view of stars streaming past. He used to go to the bridge when he needed to just...stargaze and be one with his thoughts, but on this ship, he just needed to sit in his room and look at the window.
"This ship is" he muttered to himself. "At least my comm chair feels right..."
A stray thought, a need, crossed his mind and he opened a locked drawer on his desk.
Slowly he removed a small black box and unlocked it with a thumb print and password.
Within the box was a small blue light, really, it was a small blue gem, shaped like a tear drop, but it glowed with power. Power that brought him here, to this world, this time, this universe. It's called The Tear of The Titan. A Goddess from that other universe he'd helped save, had given it to him, so that he can come back home. "Is this really my home now? Are you sure you didn't send me elsewhere? It's like a slightly warped mirror universe to me." He said to the small gemstone, holding it him between his thumb and pointer finger.
Suddenly he felt pain. Burning pain grew within his head and his eyes burned. Visions flew through his head.
A large black cube tearing through ships. A fleet of triangular ships with a large moon-sized battlestation behind them. A sudden explosive blast that burns half the galaxy. And all of it too soon. All of it happening very soon.
Jim Kirk awoke on the floor of his cabin and looked at the small gem in his hand and muttered to himself. "Oh.....shit.....What am I going to do....?"


"And on the pedestal these words appear..." Bridget held the thin pad in her hands, reading in a soft tone. A grey-haired Vulcan was turned away in his chair, surveying the view outside of New Vulcan, his hands templed together under his chin. "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair..." She was side-straddling his desk, glancing at him away from the pad every once in a while. "Nothing beside remains. Round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare. The lone and level sands stretch far away."

She swung the pad to her side and tilted her head. "Are you tired of Shelley yet?" Bridget knew she wouldn't get much of a response, but posed the question anyway. "Maybe something Bajoran..." There was no questioning it this time. She felt emotion from him after the last poem.

"Bridget." A calm, but strained female voice echoed through the room, breaking her firm concentration and mental hold on the stream of emotion she'd sensed from Sarek. Perrin had come into the office. "You have a subspace call scheduled in fifteen minutes."

"Oh!" She smirked and tucked the pad under her arm. "I can come and read for you again later if you like..." She tried to see Sarek's face, but he barely turned it in recognition.

"You have better things to do." Perrin smiled enigmatically. "And so does he."

Bridget couldn't help but bite the inside of her lip in thought.

Since the escape from the Nexus, having lost most of her Betazed family, New Vulcan had seemed the obvious choice. For a half-human, she'd displayed curiously strong empathic and even at times, telepathic abilities. The Vulcans control of emotion made it less difficult for her to live from day to day without being over-stimulated. Even Perrin, a human, having been around Vulcans most of her life as well, had more control over her thoughts than most species. Plus, Vulcans had naturally high psychic abilities as well, and knew how to deal with symptoms like hers.

She hadn't been much effected by the shift in timeline, as her own childhood was barely remembered. Bridget had the same kind of memory loss as others who had been brought from her universe, and she hadn't repeated herself enough to point out the similarities.

Sarek and Perrin had taken her in when she'd showed high aptitudes at the school. But she knew there were more reasons than that. Especially now... especially what Sarek was beginning to show signs of.

"You shouldn't indulge him like that." Perrin had placed her hand over Bridget's as they were walking out in the hallway outside Sarek's office, making their way to a communications room. "I don't understand this new fascination with poetry..."

"Yes you do." Bridget could feel Perrin's anxiety.

She didn't answer.

No one wanted to say the words 'Bendii syndrome'. Vulcans were already private people... This kind of dysfunction was highly stigmatized and had very little research or knowledge surrounding it. Sarek was somewhere around two-hundred, but again, Vulcans were private about their ages as well. All Bridget knew was that there was a ticking clock in Sarek's head, and every day, the emotions threatened to burst out of those still waters.

"The poetry helps. So does music." She stopped Perrin, deciding not to make her say the words, but silented as someone walked passed them, then whispered. "It gives him something to focus on. Something to express in private. So when he is in public, working for the reconstruction of the Vulcan race, he is fine." Bridget checked her pad again, looking at the time. "You've said it yourself... I can't always be here." She gave a knowing look, then released her hand, heading for the comm room.

She hadn't meant to seem cold, but Perrin's fears and concern were a bit too close for comfort. And the physical touch had only amplified it.


Crossing her legs, she sat in the room of desks and screens, dimly lit until she touched the one in front of her, lighting up the conference screen.

A few whistles and beeps later, and the back of Leonard McCoy's head greeted her.

"Miss Kestram." He was leaning over a series of medical scanners, taking notes on a tablet. "How are the pointies treating you?"

Bridget pursed her lips and fought the urge to roll her eyes. "Hello, Bones."

Breaking his serious facade, he turned and flashed a smile. "When you come aboard, am I gonna have to account for some green in your blood?"

She let out a short breath through her nose and fought the urge to smile. "Y'know, the world's gone crazy and difficult enough without Xenophobia..."

"Xenopho-" The line of his mouth went crooked. "Don't even get me started, Kestram."

"How's the Enterprise?"

He slapped his tablet to the side and leaned in closer. "In need of a counselor. Isn't that why we're talkin' in the first place?"

Bridget put up an elbow and rested her chin on her hand. Bones had been in contact with her for nearly a year now. He'd learned about her work on New Vulcan from their last visit to the 'older' Spock. He'd been surprised to see a human there, and found out about her half-Betazoid background. Some time after that, he had grabbed onto the idea that the Enterprise needed a counselor. The fear of leaving the safety of the Vulcans and having anything to do with the infamous ship had been more than a little intimidating for her to even think about.

"Have you been studyin' for the Starfleet exam?"

"Yes." She tapped the corner of her mouth in thought.

"So you're taking the offer seriously." It wasn't a question and he smirked as if in triumph. "Good! I'll call you tomorrow..."

"Are you in a hurry?" Bridget's brows furrowed.

"I've told you. We. Need. A. Counselor." He waved his hand behind him. "Deanna Riker is damned busy with her own Captain and crew. After this crazy parallel universe crap, everyone is fallin' apart at the hinges!" His voice raised. "Now get your affairs in order and get ready to leave your Vulcan buddies. You'll have to come to us. Therapy ain't in my job description, and what's left of this goddamn Federation needs mentally stable officers."

"Any officers in particular?" Her eyes narrowed slightly.

McCoy frowned. "Look, don't go around talking about Jim Kirk, got it? We have our own problems. He's got thousands of people's problems to worry about. Just do what I asked. I want you ready and willing, got it, cadet?"


In the medical quarters, Bones tapped the screen harder than necessary to end the call and began grumbling under his breath. "The hell's a nice girl like that doing with a bunch of emotional deficits, I tell you, Lieutenant, take over here! I'm takin' my report to the Captain personally!" He shouted, snatching up his tablet again and heading for the turbolift.

A few minutes later, he was outside the Captain's quarters.

"Jim, you gotta take a look at this-" He strolled right in after pushing the entrance button once to announce himself. "This is one weary ship. Crew functionality is way off. Reaction times, stress tests..." He glanced up, expecting to see Kirk in his chair.

When he looked down and saw the Captain on the ground, he tossed the tablet to the side and got down on one knee.

"Good God, Jim, what the hell is the matter?" He grabbed him from under his arms and helped him into his chair. "This is what I'm Goddamn talkin' about. Look, I've got and idea. We-" He stopped mid-sentence again and looked into Jim's eyes, squinting at his strange expression.

Upon further inspection, he saw the blue jewel in his hand. "Damn it, what's happened now?" His concern was lined with a bit of annoyance. Very few things ever seemed to worry Jim Kirk. Sure, things got his attention but this was a legitimately shaken, perhaps even terrified look on the face of the unflappable Enterprise captain.

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"Bones...?" Jim said softly at first, unsure of who he was addressing as he woke from the nightmarish vision. Then he groaned as his eyesight came back to focus on the ship's CMO's stern yet worried face. "Bones...I, uh, I'm fine."
He got up and closed his eyes. "I'm fine." He said, putting his fingers to his brow. "Please don't start with the 'I told you so's' and 'You should rest' stuff. I'm trying to keep our merry little fleet in one piece."
Jim quickly put the 'Tear' into the black box he'd gotten it from, making a mental note to contact one of his allies from Eschelon or Guya.
As he did so, he raised one of his datapads. "The reports from Picard's Enterprise, The report's from The Titan, The Challenger, The Innovation, The Voyager and our last vestage of our old universe, the newly dubbed Universe Prime 1, have all checked in. The problem is, we still haven't heard from The Vesta, The Defiant or some of our 'Loaner' ships, namely Starburst and Ronin" he shuffled the datapads before him, and sighed. "Then there's-" he stopped and looked at Bones. "What? No. I'm FINE. I just...know better...than to mess with the Tear all..."
He looked back toward the box that helped him to 'unify' what was left of his home reality. "What do you remember, Bones? Us in the acadamy together or us meeting on The Republic? Because, I remember both, and I think all of this memory may have me on overload...." he looked at Bones and grimaced, lifting his hand and showing with his fingers, "just a 'wee bit', like Mr. Scott would say."


McCoy folded his arms over his chest and listened, brow raising slightly. As Kirk spoke, he tried to discretely use his medical tri-corder, but when the Captain noticed, he gave a 'just deal with it' kind of look and continued to scan him, still paying attention to his account of the reports.

"I'm hardly surprised." He mumbled, tracing Jim up and down once more and began assessing the read-outs. "The Federation is splintered, Jim. We can try tracking down The Defiant since they were supposed to be in the same sector, weren't they? Uhura can start putting out a general call to our ships, and, Fine? Fine my ass."

He snapped the tricorder shut somewhat close to Kirk's face and shoved it into its holster.

"Vitals aren't just 'a wee bit' off. Your blood pressure tells me you've had a damn shock. Shock." He repeated. "And I did tell you so, and you should rest." He shifted his weight onto the other leg and crossed his arms yet again. "You're a... young" He used the word with some unease from knowing the truth of the matter. "Captain with the responsibilities of a dozen Admirals. And now you're screwin' around with time even more by playing seer with that damn jewel!" After venting, he sighed and sat down across from Kirk.

"I prescribe immediate medication." He spoke ironically as he pulled out a long silver flask from a pocket on the inside of his uniform, unscrewed it and took a sip before offering it over. "If I were a better medical officer, I'd hypospray you to sleep instead, but who knows when we might need you."

After another minute of drinking, he pulled up his own report that had been discarded, and put it on the desk, first deciding to answer his Captain and friend.

"Jim, I remember meeting a kid with enough confidence to make Solomon blush." He took another sip of whiskey and put the flask away. "Which kind of meeting I remember is immaterial. What concerns me, right here and now, is that I can see that confidence slip every damn time you try and conjure up ghosts."

He folded up his hands and squeezed them back and forth with a serious gaze before tapping at his pad. "You're not the only one suffering. It's my opinion the entire crew requires shore leave. We also need to finish the installation of all those uhm, holo, holodecks. The ship needs a counselor for regular psychological evaluations. And we should tweak the watch rotation. Gamma shift has been particularly problematic." He leaned back and sighed. "Morale is down. Everyone's either jumpy or just plain exhausted." He paused. "Mister Spock excluded, according to him, some off-time, therapy and good old fashioned photon-manipulated recreation would do everyone some good. If you won't make time for shore leave, I can't exactly go over your head these days, so I'll have to make sure all these other changes are implemented."

He shoved the datapad report forward. "Just need your John Hancock on it all. Enough shop talk. Why don't you get some..." He almost said 'rest' again, but stood up and straightened out his uniform with a smirk. "Some shut-eye, huh? Epsilon Delta will be there when you get up."


Bridget, Sarek

"So you have chosen not to complete the Kolinahr?"

Sarek was his usual self later that evening, eyes always appraising, but never judging as Bridget stood in front of the candle light in her evening robes. He was about to begin his nightly meditation, but news of her application to Starfleet had reached him quickly, and he had requested her presence.

"As a counselor, it would be illogical to purge all emotion." She replied icily.

"We have invested much time and even trust into you, Bridget." He rose gracefully from the ground, out of his cross-legged position and surveyed her over the warm light. "Your dedication to our ways has been admirable. Would you throw this all away on some whim to travel the stars like so many others before you?"

"It is not a whim, Sarek." As measured and calm as he sounded, his words cut like daggers, and she felt her eyes burn slightly. "You and Perrin are like family to me. This wouldn't be goodbye."

"If you truly felt that way, you would see it is foolish to leave. Are you aware there are multiple Vulcan males who have petitioned me to be your mate? They would only consider you if you were to continue your studies here."

Bridget jerked, and gave him an accusing look with her eyes. "Petitioned?" She held back some of her anger. "I thought you were trying to rebuild your race."

"Yes, and one of our most prominent philosophies is infinite diversity in infinite combinations." He tilted his head forward. "There are limited mating options as it is. You are valuable to us in many ways. I cannot give you my blessing."

"Oh, I see. Valuable. Well now you have Escelonians... Guyans and Progians to mix in. Why you don't you have your friends 'petition' them?"

"Those are separate issues."

"No. They are linked. You want to talk about diversity? Go out and get it. I'm sorry, but I won't let you bargain around with my DNA like some kind of pet from an endangered species."

"You are being emotional, Bridget."

"Well maybe I feel emotional." She snapped back and lost her steadiness, taking a few steps forward. "I just find it interesting you used the word, valuable. Is that why you plucked me out of the ship you found me on, and away from Starfleet? Because you wanted a female for your youth when the time for pon farr came?" She tilted her head, eyes hard. "Because you knew you were slipping, and a half-breed human-betazoid wouldn't judge you when you started needing someone with telepathic powers to steady your... your facade of logical stoicism?"

When all he did was arch an eyebrow at her, she took a few slow breaths and stood straight again.

"Thank you for your investment and instruction in me, Sarek. The final word hasn't been spoken on my new career, but I felt like you deserved to know before it was decided. As soon as I'm contacted, I'll be taking the next transport out."

She turned and headed for the door, but her hand stopped inches away from the panel. There it was again - something vague but dark coming off of Sarek.

"So you are not leaving for certain?" He spoke when he realized she wasn't leaving. His voice sounded labored.

Her eyes went softer, the anger leaving as she faced him again. "It's almost certain." She found it hard to look him in the eyes. "Doctor McCoy said..."

"McCoy?" Again, his throat seemed to continue tightening over his words. "You didn't mention The Enterprise."

"I thought it best not to." A sad smile curved her mouth. "You know why."

Sarek went somewhat unstable, and Bridget closed their distance, taking his arm. He towered over her, but she was able to help him sit back down. She then went to the door and made sure it was locked before sitting down across the flame from him.

"No, I will not ask you to do this again." Sarek's face went stony as she reached for his hand. "You can not possibly think I have used you. Is that what you truly believe?"

"Of course not." Despite his protest, he allowed for her to raise his hand to her at eye-level.


It had all started out simply enough. He had guided her in Vulcan meditation techniques to control her empathic abilities. But one terrible night, he lost control. She had not received his message to cancel their lesson, and she'd accidentally walked in on him gazing over a picture of his first wife, Amanda, mumbling and pacing the room.

He had reacted angrily, then attempted to act emotionless, but it was too late. She felt his regret as easily as she'd seen the tears. Her idea to mind-meld was rejected at first, but they'd agreed it was simply logical. Bridget had learned to repress not only her own emotions, but those of the ones around her. It was almost ironic that a young girl with the breeding of an emotional being could somehow stabilize one of the greatest men, and certainly one of the greatest Vulcans of his time.

The love for Spock and Perrin. The deep regrets at the loss of Amanda. The pure rage and sadness during the loss of his planet. He had kept all these things under wraps for some time. The first time they had performed the meld it was too much, and for a week Bridget had been discretely under the care of a private doctor he'd sent for.

When she leveled out, Sarek had avoided her for nearly a month. But when she'd forced her way into seeing him, she realized that despite her fit, he had become much more calm.


Once they had finished, they sat in silence, meditating over the candle. There was no need for speaking. His feelings had been made clear - he felt he was losing a daughter, much like he felt long ago he lost his son when he joined Starfleet, and then the Enterprise. All the talk about 'investments' and 'infinite diversity' had been bandages over fresh wounds.

At the same time, he then understood why she felt she needed to go. It was not a rejection of him as a parent, but her need to finally grow up and become independent. She knew nothing of this new world aside from this one. He had kept her in the dark for far too long, not for the sake of himself or New Vulcan, but because he cared. This was not a world he could truly prepare her for.

Both of them felt the fear, but let it slide away in calm and quiet understanding.



With a sigh, he sat and took the 'medicine', lifting it in a toast to his doctor, then he downed it and made that breathy sigh one normally makes after a strong drink. "Just what the doctor ordered." He said with a raspy voice, blinking away the tears. "I didn't even think this drink was legal..."
He placed the glass down and sat back. "I know." He answered Bones. "I know it's all....a mess." Jim folded his arms and leaned his head back, looking up at the ceiling. "The only thing is, Bones, I am the only one that can pull all of this....whatever's left....together."
He looked back at Bones. "Jean-Luc and his crew, Ben Sisko, Katey Janeway, Scotty...the older version, all of their crews...they're all from my older self's timeline." He shook his head. "And they're all looking at me because their....home has been altered, changed around them yet they were spared. They didn't have the opportunity to 'merge into their alternate selves' like I did. Then there's everyone that's on this ship, or on New Vulcan, that know only what is in 'The new timeline', and all of us, all of us that know Earth as home, have been thrown into another universe entirely where Earth blew up....millions of years ago."
Jim held his head. "It's no wonder I failed spacial theory and physics." He muttered. "Gives me a migraine."
"Look, only you and Spock know the truth of me on this ship. Only each captain of the other ships and only key people among our allies in this Tri-Verse, know my story. I'm as 'merged' as I can get, both Jim Kirks, but I feel....overloaded, Bones. I need help." He sighed. "And what I saw.....just before I passed out, scared the shit out of me."
Jim's face grew more intense. "Bones.....something is going to happen...and I don't know if I can stop it....or how to even stop it when it does happen."


Bones stopped and turned to face Kirk and his face softened as much as he would allow it.

"Ever think there's a reason you were chosen, Jim?" He shrugged slightly. "I know you're burstin' at the seems." He pursed his mouth a little and reached out to the chair opposite Jim to steady himself, leaning forward. "I can't get my head around our own mission, let alone all this other craziness that we're dealin' with. If I sat around wonderin' why we were spared - why just as we were all hours away from retirement, we gotta repeat outselves - well dammit I'd go psychotic!"

He tried to sound as sympathetic as he really felt. "The only way I'm keepin' sane is by doin' the best I can to attend to the physical health of this crew. This ship." He half-smirked. "This is the only family I've ever really known, and I'll be damned if any one of ya, including you, can't function. Just the sheer number of new vaccines I'm havin' to work on is mind-boggling. The Prognian cold is fatal to some Federation species and..."

He stopped and shook his head. "Focusing on my job has been the only way I can cope. Don't you dare feel like less of the man you are just because you're struggling. As ever, you ain't alone. One thing I remember pretty damn well is that no matter what, no matter which version of yourself you think you are, we're all behind you." Bones' eyes went fiercer.

"And if it's help you need, it's help you'll get. I can... imagine it's tempting to want to isolate and feel overwhelmed, but you can't. You just can't. Especially if you saw something so terrible with that damned jewel frightening enough to send Jim Kirk into shock."

He cleared his throat and stood up straight, forcing a cheeky smile, patting the flask in his pocket. "Of course it ain't legal. You think just because we're being forced into the new timeline I'd give you that whimpy synthahol?" He scoffed. "Now that would be an alternate me that no damn universe could manage."



The fires licked at him as he sat on his knees within the volcano. Where before he felt a nilihistic sort of acceptance, he now felt....nothing.
Recreating the events of one of his pivotal points in life helped little in finding where he had changed.
"Everyone says I have changed. Yet I feel the same."
The events of Niberi, followed by the events with the dangerous cyrogenic DNA altered tyrant named Khan, made Spock question if these events were not the reason for his...'change'.
"Computer. Recreate Vulcan, Stardate 41010.2"
The scene changed around him and the landscape seemed too calm.
"Computer, disengage safety protocol, Authorization Spock Beta 00 02."
Now the landscape shook and rumbled. Rocks fell off the precipe above him and he skirted quickly to the side.
He nodded to himself as he saw the computer had chosen properly what area of Vulcan to display. He was outside the capitol city, by the mountains leading to the Katric Caves.
A transporter whine caught his attention and he saw himself a few yards away appear in a slight crouch, then run toward the chambers.
Spock kept a clinical sense to himself as he followed the computer generated Spock into the chambers.
He recalled the feelings he felt at this moment. Anxiety. Purpose....Fear.
Now, looking back, he wondered if that was what changed him. The need to save his parents....and the results of what had occurred.
He moved aside as he saw himself run past again, this time holding his mother's hand. Sarek, his father followed behind them in a quick jog. Minister V'Rik, Priestess Solona, they didn't make it, as the large monoliths fell on them.
"Computer, where does this extrapolation come from? What source?"
"Commander Spock's personal and recorded logs. Recorded logs of survivors, namely Ambassador Sarek, T'Pel of The Vulcan Science Academy, High Priestess T'Pau, Ambassador St-"
"Thank you, computer. Continue playing accounts as previously set."
Spock pushed his emotions deeper as the scene came up to the part where he stood on the plateau, his mother behind him, his father and the other katric priests and priestresses closer toward the cave mouth, and all of Vulcan shuddering around them.
Spock felt his voice crack as he said, "Computer freeze playback...."
He put his head down. Uhura was right. He didn't need to do this to affirm where he had changed. Where life had changed.
"Computer, end simulation."
Everything vanished save for his mother.
Spock glared up at the image. "Computer." He felt his voice quiver, "I...said....end...simulation."
"Do not blame the computer, Spock." A deep, seasoned voice said from the computer arch. "It was I whom set the computer to keep...'our' mother there."
Spock looked past the image to the older version of himself.
Elder Spock stood serenely, his arms folded behind his back, as he seemed to take in his younger self's state. "We both know where this will lead, Spock."
Spock, the younger, tried not to meet his older self's gaze. His jaw tensed and loosened several times, before he looked back to the elder and asked, "Who told you?"
"The Whom is not important. Besides, I know you know who it was."
Spock's analytic mind didn't even need to click on. He knew Uhura had contacted the older Spock.
"Needless to say, I used Mr. Scott's transwarp teleporter to see you. Though our paths are different, I still have a vested interest in your future."
Spock looked back at the holoimage of his mother. "I failed her. I came to Vulcan, specifically to save her, and she was the only one I lost...that mattered...."
The Elder Spock came over and stood beside the younger Spock, quietly letting him sort out and vent his emotions.
"What will she have said, Spock?" The younger asked the older. "Was your version of mother any different? How would she have handled this?"
Older Spock let his eyes soften as he looked at the image of Amanda Grayson. "With care. She would say 'Grieving is necessary. Even for a Vulcan. You can not hold that sort of....pain...inside for too long. It will eat at you and make you different. It will taint all your emotions into the future, and cause you further anguish." Older Spock put a hand on his younger self's shoulder. "She would, inevitably, show a physical form of nurturing."
Younger Spock looked at him for a moment, then he couldn't fight it any longer. He grabbed onto his older self and clung onto him in a tearful embrace.
The older Spock held him and felt his pain, just as deeply, but removed, for the younger man's sake.
No words were spoken, none were needed to be said.
Finally the grasps and grief stricken breaths were calming, and Spock wiped his eys on the sleeve of his blue tunic. "I...apologize..."
Older Spock shook his head. "Apology is not needed, or called for." He put his hand to the younger Spock's temple and nodded. "I am here. I will be here, if ever you are in need of a moment of...self contemplation."
The younger Spock gave the slightest ghost of a smirk as he caught the joke in his elder counterpart's words. "And I will find great relief in such introspection."
The elder Spock raised both eyebrows and gave a grimace of 'Not bad'. "Computer, end program and open arch."
The full hologram vanished and Spock nodded to Spock. "Now, tell me how your mission goes."



Nyota left the bridge as the next shift came in. She saw tired but dedicated faces all around her. It was true that she needed rest after her shift, but one thing... one man was filling her thoughts. As she entered the turbo lift, she tapped her communicator.

"Where is First Officer Spock?" There was a tinge of restlessness in her voice.

"Commander Spock is in holodeck three." The computer responded in a polite and ambivalent tone.

She had the instinct to say 'thank you', but just smirked and requested she be taken down to the proper deck. So that was where he'd been disappearing off to... Nyota knew that he wouldn't be simply using the holodeck for recreational purposes. There was something more. He'd seemed so lost recently. Not quite himself.

Walking at a swaggering march down the hall way, her ponytail swooshing about her shoulders, she approached the entrance arch tentatively, wondering if it were the right thing to do to interrupt whatever he might be doing in there.

Her eyes saddened slightly and she tugged down a bit on her red dress uniform. A few steps left and right showed her thoughtfulness. Something had been very wrong for some time - and not just with Spock.

Loving a Vulcan was always a guessing game. No matter how much he insisted their attachment was real, he would always do or say something that, if she didn't know him as well as she did, would cause doubt. Instead of doubt, it caused concern - enough concern for her to have communicated with the older Spock. All of her attempts to reach through to 'her' Spock had been clumsy at best.

Finally, she gathered the courage to push the button and open the archway.

As she strode in, expecting to see some kind of holoprogram.

"Have I intruded?" She pulled herself back slightly, she paused and tilted her head twice to meet both Spock's gazes, silently imploring for some information from the two of them.

Instantly, she was aware she had walked in on something private, but felt it would be even worse if she left the room at that point.


The Aether spiraled around him as he watched the galaxies reform and merge before his eyes.
So close was he to getting what he desired. The means was becoming clearer and clearer every day, showing him the goal before him.
The sound of metal scraping on the stone platform before his throne broke his focus.
His black eyes glared down at the blue Kree woman that had failed him once too often. "Nebula....."
"Forgive me, Father." The cybernetically enhanced woman said in a low voice, he head and gaze down so as not to meet his gaze of disdain. "They achieved what we didn't think possible..."
The Mad Titan lifted his hand and Nebula felt he body lift from the ground. "What...we...didn't..think...possible?!" He made a fist and Nebula screamed as she felt the pain of being crushed.
"Forgive me! Please!! I will get you The Tear!!"
Thanos released his 'daughter' and leaned forward as she fell the the ground. "What do you know of that relic?! Speak!"
Nebula held herself as she shied away from him. "I sensed it, as you had trained me and sister to do. It is within the Merging. The Tri-Verse."
Something shined within Thanos' black eyes and a wide smile formed on his face.
With a nod to his general, the newest plan began to form to attain The Tear of The Titan.

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